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Website Design

You work hard in your business and you want a simple, reliable website to reach more customers. I build great websites that are functional, modern and optimized. My designs are responsive and powered by the reliable Squarespace platform. In the end you get a scaleable website that loads fast and is secure.

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Menu Design

Menu design is one of the most important aspects of your restaurant’s marketing and branding.  No matter how good the food, people eat with their eyes before their mouths. A well-designed menu entices diners and gets them excited. I take advantage of design features like spacing, font, placement, and others to make your menu stand out. With proper menu design, you can create a good impression and improve sales.

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Logo Design

Your logo should represent your company.  It is a visual representation of the brand. Every business - small or big, needs a logo to create and image for their products, services and values.   

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Get your logo or design printed on stickers, banner,  canvas wraps, and more.  

Airbrush Services

Airbrush Art

My passion is portrait art. I work on a variety of substrates from walls,  chalkboards, canvas, helmets,  and even aluminum panels. It's difficult to quote a job before speaking with a client. Many factors go into pricing a job including size, amount of detail, background, and finishing options. Send a email describing your project and I'll be able to give you a custom estimate.